Page Layouts

Fullwidth, Boxed & Left header - you decide.


Layouts could be set generally for the entire site and also overwritten for every single page except default Shop page, Blog page and default Forums page. Combining layouts with the header styles and page title styles, you could easily create multiple unique pages with stunning, creative designs.


The Euxino WordPress theme fullwidth layout gives you possibility to create a standard page design with content stretched to the edges of the browser screen. With this layout, a page background (color, image or video) can’t be used as it wouldn’t be visible. This page is a good example of the fullwidth layout.

You can still create differently colored sections (rows) using the Visual Composer drag-and-drop content elements and shortcodes. Mostly suitable for general purpose pages, with a lot of content, parallax and video background sections etc.


The boxed layout Euxino gives you is a powerful presentation tool. You could easily set the entire website to boxed layout OR just particular page where something must be presented in more attractive fashion.

Suitable for product and portfolio pages, or landing pages where vibrant full-screen background  must be used. With the power of Euxino, you could easily place Full-screen Video background (with or without sound and playback controls) as well as Full-screen Image background (single or slideshow)

View working examples:


The left header layout is suitable for various design scenarios, but mostly used for creative types of web sites, where first level navigation doesn’t have many links. By default the left header layout are using a fixed position of the header.

We’ve made an extra step in that direction and also gave you an option to use an absolute positioning which makes the menu scrollable and of course the mega menu could still be used with that feature.

Keep in mind the left header layout would only be active on devices with minimum screen width of 1024px, because of it’s specifics. On smaller devices, the layout would turn back to normal.

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