Page Structure

Euxino offers full flexibility


The Euxino WordPress theme general structure consists of 4 main sections, some of them separated to several blocks/bars and sub-sections. Most of the sections and their blocks are optional and could be turned ON/OFF generally for the entire website and also overwritten on per-page basis.


The Pre-Header is a collapsible widget area on top of the entire site content. This is a general setting and one of the very few features which can’t be controlled on per-page basis. Could be either turned ON or OFF for the entire site.


The main header area is divided to 3 sections and each of them could be turned ON/OFF globally and also overwritten for every single page, except the default Shop page and Blog page. All of the sections have their own colors and backgrounds options.

  • 1. Top Header Bar
  • 2. Middle Header Area
  • 3. Bottom Header bar

The top header bar contains optional Welcome message, menu and social profiles links (icons). It could be styled as per your needs in the Theme Options / Header Settings tab.

The middle header area is automatically generated and only contain Account links + shopping cart module and search form. If turned OFF, the cart and search would automatically move to the main menu container and account links must be placed in some of the menus.

The bottom header area contains the site logo and main navigation menu. It’s layout could also be configured to show Logo Left/Menu Right, Logo Left/Menu Below and Logo Center/Menu Below variants.


This one is pretty standard. It’s the area where you place your custom page content – text, images, shortcodes etc. With the power of Euxino WordPress theme and Visual Composer you can easily create complex content structures and layouts.


The footer area consists of 3 separate sections, each of them with it’s own settings, colors and content.

  • 1. The Pre-Footer
  • 2. The Main Footer
  • 3. Copyright Bar

The pre-footer is a widgetized sidebar area and could display any widget you place there. It can be turned ON/OFF generally for the site or on per-page basis (except for the default Shop and Blog pages, which gets the default setting from Theme Options)

The main footer area is a widgetized sidebar area too. It also can display widgets and is always visible (if you place any widget in it).

The copyright bar only displays the website copyright information enterd in Theme Options / Footer Settings tab and optionally the social profiles links (icons)

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